Life Coaching On the Importance of Happiness

Happiness is the unending quest in which humans give their eyes and teeth for. A person has never reached true success if he has never felt real happiness. As a matter of fact the declaration of independence states, that happiness and the pursuit there off is man’s in alienable right. Meaning it is a god given right.

Why Do We Have to Be Happy?

People say that life is complicated enough without having to be moody or sad every single day of your life. According to science elation triggers hormones that are essential for proper metabolic function and well being. The happy feeling also brings about the positive side of a person. Which ever premise you choose, it is absolutely important for a person to feel happiness in his lifetime.

Reality Check

In reality however, poverty, stress, violence, competition, and oppression is all around us. In Africa and other third world countries we see people dying of hunger, we see those in power abuse and beat down people to gain a foot ahead of their own country men. We see everything around us, but we fail to look within ourselves. Chances are your one of the thousands if not millions of people taking antidepressants.

Actually statistics say that 20% of Americans take antidepressant, and overdose of MAOI’s are not uncommon. The American Psychological Association asserts that children 14 and above will start having depressive episodes at least ones a year until the age of 30. Sadness leaves a profound effect on the human body and spirit. Humans tend to lean towards negativity because it tends to carry more weight that happiness. The unfortunate thing is that scientifically deep rooted sadness is the underlying cause for diseases such as, chronic heart failure, cerebrovascular accidents, apnea, and migraine.

Coaching vs. Therapy

It is important to prevent rather than cure. That is why when the first signs of restlessness ensue it is betting to bring in a life coaching expert. Therapists focus on past events, to analyze the present emotional, and mental condition of the people. They dig deep into the darkest corners of a person’s mind to find the root of unhappiness. Life coaches however focus on the present. Usually when a person feels the first nagging doubt of sadness the cause is immediately within reaching distance.

Mind Power

Life coaching uses the power of the mind to promote a positive effect on a person’s life. The mind is a powerful thing. It knows, it feels and it aggravates a person into action.

Pursuing happiness is a mental effort.

Actualization is achieved thru realization. A person is better able to see the road when he knows where he is going. It is not easy, although nothing ever is but with the aid of a life coach and the program a person is better able to focus because there is guidance and mentoring.

As much as a life coach wants to help you achieve your full potential and are happy there are limitations as to the scope of duties a life coach can perform. A life coach is not psychologically educated. Therefore they are not equipped with the expertise to treat a mentally and emotionally distraught person who is on the verge of utter hopelessness. If this is the case then it is better to seek medical help.


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